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Aboriginal Consulting - Build Together 

Aboriginal Consulting Experience:

  • Traditional Knowledge study for UMA AECOM regarding the expansion of the Norman Wells solid waste and sewage treatment facilities.
  • Negotiator for the Dehcho First Nations regarding oil and gas rights issuances pursuant to the National Energy Board Act, and the Canada Oil and Gas Operations Act.
  • Achieved consensus among forty aboriginal, industry, public and government stakeholders about how to collectively respond to the array of environmental issues posed by the Mine’s water licence renewal.
  • Fencing Workshop. Fencing at the Diavik mine site is noted in the Comprehensive Study Report. Diavik committed to fencing key areas of the mine site if it proved necessary to protect wildlife, especially caribou. Over a period of two years, EMAB worked with elders to arrive at a consensus about whether fencing was necessary and, if yes, where it should go and what type of fencing it should be. Diavik's environmental staff worked closely with the elders to explain how caribou moved around the mine. EMAB also enlisted the help of a government caribou expert and a fencing expert so that we could be as thorough as possible. As a result of recommendation that came from the workshop Diavik installed temporary fencing in July 2006 at a key location near the Processed Kimberlite Containment Facility. Fencing at the Diavik Diamond Mine Final Report.


  • Delivered Aboriginal Aquatic Resources and Ocean Management (AAROM) workshops involving upwards of 15 communities and regulators in order to collaboratively develop an aquatic resource management strategy and implementation plan for the Dehcho region of the Northwest Territories.
  • Advocated for a clients before the NWT Public Utilities Board (PUB) regarding issuance of a new electrical distribution franchises.
  • Advocated for clients on several Environmental Impact Assessments before the Mackenzie Valley Environmental Impact Review Board (MVEIRB) and helped clients achieve their goals with respect to proposed developments.
  • Prepared a municipal regulatory intervention for the Panel evaluating the impacts of the Mackenzie Gas Project for the Village of Fort Simpson and the Settlement of Enterprise - with this presentation
  • Conducted a preliminary evaluation of the Gwich’in Land Use Plan conditions applicable to Special Management Zones in order to improve their effectiveness and enforceability.



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