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Environmental Planning  - Develop Better

Your Environmental Regulatory Risk Is Our Business. We quantify regulatory risks. Here's a chart of a regulatory scan we prepared for a client at the outset of an industrial project. Yes, it Accurately predicted project environmental regulatory risks. 


We start with an Environmental regulatory risk assessment. That tells us what is most important to the regulatory community and affected people and organizations. Then we work with you to mange those environmental risks using Multi-criteria decision analysisYou get to sleep at night.

Environmental Planning Experience:

  • Prepared Standard Operating Procedures regarding Aboriginal and First Nations consulting and Forest Management Act Appeals for the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Forestry Division, GNWT.
  • Nunavut Recycling Feasibility Study. Assisted in a study evaluation the feasibility of exporting recyclable materials from Nunavut. Prepared for the Nunavut Government.
  • Expert Witness, ref. Harris Clay and Landon T. Clay v. Petro-Canada (East Coast Permits), regarding the development and preparation of a socio-economic impact assessment of a proposed non-renewable extraction project.
  • Taught seminars on land development and socio-economic impact assessment for the University of Waterloo.



  • Provided the Nunavut Impact Review Board Community Facilitation throughout the Kitikmeot and Keewatin regions.
  • Co-managed the Paramount Resource Ltd. Liard East environmental assessment.
  • Managed the Patterson Forestry Ltd. Environmental assessment
  • Provided regulatory and environmental assessment advice regarding the Tyhee Gold Mine environmental assessment.
  • Managed the Robinsonís Trucking Ltd. quarry environmental assessment.
  • Prepared the Yellowknife Airport Forecast of Air Traffic and Infrastructure Impacts Assessment.
  • Provide the Yellowknives Dene First Nation, environmental assessment and lands administration management advice.
  • Prepared the Abbotsford School District school site needs and acquisition assessment study.




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