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Databits - See Smarter

These databits are in a ftp directory. Go to ftp.terra-firma.ca and your user name is Geodata and your password is 'anonymous1.' without the quotes.

NA Carbon.kmz A great piece of work that you have to see to believe. Wish I could produce this kind of work.

Alaska Renewable Energy projects.kmz You will be surprised. I was.

Cities with Smart Grid Initiatives.kmz  Self explanatory USA only.

USA Postal Code Locations.kmz Self explanatory.

Aboriginal Lands of Canada.kmz Excellent resource. Detailed and up to date 2011

MACOORAMARCOOS Satellite Products.kmz Night-Time only Cloud Filtered Real Time Sea Surface Temperature collected and processed by Rutgers University and the University of Delaware for MARCOOS/MACOORA East Coast of the US.

Satellite Database.kmz Self explanatory.

Winter Road Bridges.kmz Location of winter road bridges Wrigley NWT and points north. Good to put into your GPS if you are travelling North in the NWT on the winter road.

4DEGREES.kmz  Distribution of global heat with a 4 degree average increase in temperature. The North rises many more than 4 degrees.

USA_Shale.KMZ  General description of Shale plays in the United States. Expansive areas.

Weather Bundle.kmz Amazing amount of weather information in one KML

centerIndex of Air Photos by Vintagecenter.kmz Vintage airphoto's's good resolution 1930-2009

Climate Change Sea Ice 1979-2010.kmz The last few years of this kml show what looks like an icecap slipping off a globe. Sad.

United States Antarctic Resource Center (USARC).kmz General Awareness

Proposed Mackenzie Valley Pipeline.kmz 24kb

MGP Induced 4.0 BCFD Scenario and other projects.kmz 412kb

NWT Oil and Gas.kmz 3MB

NWT Mining.kmz 265km

Major NWT Canada Geographic Hydrocarbon Plays NWT Plays.kmz

Kimberlites in the Slave Province.kmz  27kb

Rare earth element mines, deposits, and occurrences Rare earth element mines, deposits, around the globe.kmz

Interactive maps and downloadable data for regional and global Geology, Geochemistry, Geophysics, and Mineral Resources for much much more data.

Members of the University of the Arctic UArctic Members.kmz

Global Temperature Monitoring Stations.StationData.kmz.

FREE 90-m (3 arc second) elevation data The CGIAR Consortium for Spatial Information

A data base of all satellite's with a 30 minute delay in position Satellite Database.kmz

125 000 NTS Mapped Areas.kmz

Land Vegetation Index.kmz

Solar Energy PEIS Proposed SEZs.kmz

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