Urban, Environmental and Business Planning Services

Our Software.
  • Logical Decisions
  • Google Sketchup Professional
  • Google Earth Professional
  • Qualrus
  • MapWindow GIS
  • Global Mapper
  • Microsoft Office Professional
  • Ewisoft
  • JIAN



  • Mandy Bengts - Professional editing and proofreading
  • DataPath Systems - Full Service Northern market research company
  • Pacific Analytics Inc.- Quantitative and financial analysis, econometrics, computer modeling and input-output analysis
  • Western Management Consultants - Western Management Consultants is one of the longest standing respected Canadian names in management consulting. 
  • Ledcor - Employee-owned, with a broad portfolio throughout North America, the Ledcor Group of Companies was founded in 1947 with roots firmly planted in the ‘oil patch.’ Through thoughtful and strategic decision making throughout the decades, Ledcor has become one of the most diversified conglomerates in North America, offering expertise with a professional attitude.
  • Jim Edmondson - Researcher, public policy advocate and negotiator. Jim has helped to negotiate successful agreements throughout Northern and Southern Canada.

If you are interested in becoming an associate please contact Louie Azzolini. He can be reached at Louie@Terra-Firma.ca or by phone at 867-765-8550 Canada. You will not pay fees, charges or any other expenses. I associate purely to provide added value for clients. I associate across professional and technical disciplines for creative problem solving, creative insight and strategic value.


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