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Arctic Development Library

This library comes from the former Department of Economic Development and Tourism before it was amalgamated into a Department called Resources, Wildlife and Economic Development (RWED). The Department's have subsequently been split again into the Departments of Industry, Tourism and Investment (ITI) and Environment and Natural Resources (E&NR). Please visit the GNWT Library on-line. It provides the automated library system for the NWT Library Network (Public Libraries,Legislative Library, Aurora College Libraries, Aurora Research Institute Library and PWNHC Reference Library). It provides collection development and technical services for all public libraries except Yellowknife Public Library. A central library collection is maintained and used to rotate current material to smaller libraries. Service delivery is provided to residents in communities without libraries through access to the PLS Web page and on-line catalogue, and borrow by mail services. PLS coordinates some special programming and provides training and support to all NT community libraries.

The "contents.pdf" provides an index of subject specific publications. Go to ftp.terra-firma.ca and your user name is arret and password is 'terra-firma1' without the quotes. Tourism - CONTENT.PDF Tourism-2 - CONTENT.PDFRenewable Resources - CONTENT.PDF Non-Renewable Resources - CONTENT.PDFLand Claims - No Table of Contents. Economic Planning - CONTENT.PDF


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